Make sure to eat at Next Mex on Tuesday, April 20 and/or Wednesday, April 21, as 15% of sales will be donated to the Hope and Friendship Foundation in Lemont.  As if we really need an excuse for tacos and margaritas.  If you haven’t been to Next Mex, the restaurant is a fusion of modern twists on traditional Mexican cuisine and Tex Mex.  Create Mexican fare and the freshest of craft cocktails highlighted by quality ingredients and twists on the originals.

The Hope and Friendship Foundation of Lemont is a conduit between those that have and those who need it.  Over 5% of the community lives at or below the poverty level, and others are struggling financially as well, yet ineligible for aid or have lost their job.  They provide year-round crisis assistance while hosting a number of annual events that provide fellowship, friendship, and hope for those reeling from the strains of life.  For more information on the foundation, please visit

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