Get your tickets now, because you want to be in the brewery where it happens!  Four Star Artisan Chef-Crafted Sausages is coming to Pollyanna on April 24, 2021.  After each class, a pop-up grill session will occur at Pollyanna that will be open to all (pay and eat).

Get your class ticket now for $40 per person – which will sell out – at

The class starts at 10:30 am and lasts one hour.  Classes are taught by Thomas and Kurt, chefs by trade.  Their sausages are all-natural, free from gluten and nitrates, and made with humanely raised meat, premium ingredients, and years of expertise.  Class attendees will be able to take home sausages you create to cook at home in your “Sausage Goodie Bag.”  The class also includes two Pollyanna beers.

You can also get tickets for their 5/8 St. Charles class and 5/22 Roselle class.

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